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Steampunk Lamp #6 is complete

This is the first in a series of airship lamps, made from whatever could be scrounged from the sands of post-apocalyptia. #6 is the Captain’s cabin lamp. It features a touch dimmer and runs on standard airship current. This lamp will be on display in a local gallery.

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Aether Concentrating Chronometer

Dr. Emiel Kozlowski’s famous Aether Concentrating Luminous Chronometer Behold the wonder of modern science that harnesses the power of the universe. Dr. Kozlowski’s patented Luminous Chronometer is the first and only device capable of collecting and concentrating the particles of Luminiferous Aether for use as a source of locomotion. Some have used steam. Some have [...]

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Steampunk Lamp

Now that we’ve survived the holidays and things have slowed a bit, I might have a chance to blog a bit about some current and future projects. Below is a steampunk lamp that I made as a Christmas gift for family. It uses a 19th century kerosene lamp base, a large vacuum tube illuminated by [...]

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