Welcome to Hardwick Housewares

Our new website promises to be much nicer than the last one, which was never quite finished. Please visit often as Chris and I share information about our latest projects. “Hardwick Housewares” is an artistic partnership between Chris Hardwick and Michele Lukowski. We have been together since 2003, working in metal and leather to create historically-inspired and artistic creations.

Chris works with leather to create the most amazing leather vessels. His tankards, jacks, bottles, and flasks have become well known among reenactors who are seeking the finest quality reproductions using period techniques. You can find Chris’s leather work on Etsy at hardwickleathergoods.etsy.com Lately, Chris has been working on some steampunk-inspired pieces, working with found objects and antique reproduction lamp parts. Hopefully we will be able to post some photos soon!

Michele’s copper penannular rings were one of the first things she made and sold at reenactment events. They have become very popular on Etsy (hardwickhousewares.etsy.com). Michele loves to explore metalworking techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Currently she is exploring latching mechanisms and working on hinged purse frames and handmade locks. Michele also enjoys working with silver and copper to create unique jewelry with a historical feel. She has recently introduced a vintage lockplate collection and has several new designs in progress.

We hope you enjoy our site. Please feel free to contact us – we love hearing from people who are interested in our work!

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