Work In Progress – Steam Powered Floor Lamp

I still have a little way to go on this, but it’s starting to resemble the final product. Remaining to make are shades for the bulbs and brakets to hold tubing in place.

This piece is made from purchased lamp repair parts, found objects, plumbing parts, and hand fabricated parts. I used all solid brass and copper.

The steam valve on the front is connected internally to a dimmer switch. The power cord exits through the “steam” pipe at the base.

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New Project?

I hardly have time to take on anything more right now, but this magnificent device recently came into my life.

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More clock pics

A few in situ pics of Dr. Koz’s clock.

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Steampunk Lamp #7 Airship Dining Lamp

The second and most unusual of the series is also complete today. This lamp is more stable than it looks and is right at home in an airship mess hall or officer’s dining room. This lamp is to be on display in a local gallery.

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Steampunk Lamp #6 is complete

This is the first in a series of airship lamps, made from whatever could be scrounged from the sands of post-apocalyptia. #6 is the Captain’s cabin lamp. It features a touch dimmer and runs on standard airship current. This lamp will be on display in a local gallery.

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New Steampunk Jewelry for 2010

Over the past few months I have been working on pieces that combine my interest in the Steampunk genre and nature. I have been working on embedding objects in resin to bezel-set on lock plate pendants.

Steampunk Steam Bee Brass Lockplate Pendant with HoneyBee by Michele Lukowski
The piece pictured is an example of one near completion. I have embedded a honeybee in the resin and set the cabochon in a brass setting that I created from sheet metal and distressed.

I am calling this piece “Steam Bee”

Below is another recent piece with a resin collage cabochon set in a sterling silver pendant. The collage includes pieces of moss, dried lavender flower husks, and a wheel from a wristwatch.

I saw a comment recently on another steampunk jewelry artist’s site, “just because you add a gear to it does not make it steampunk!” and I fully agree with that statement, but I also think that there are times that adding an element such as a gear, cog, or flywheel (or the image of) does fit in with the design of a piece.

Mechanical in Nature

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I finally released the Pumpkin Seed Bottle today

After more than two years’ research, I finally released the first of a new series of leather vessels. The most challenging part was understanding the composition and application of the finishing materials.

Turned out OK I think.



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Aether Concentrating Chronometer

Dr. Emiel Kozlowski’s famous Aether Concentrating Luminous Chronometer

Behold the wonder of modern science that harnesses the power of the universe. Dr. Kozlowski’s patented Luminous Chronometer is the first and only device capable of collecting and concentrating the particles of Luminiferous Aether for use as a source of locomotion. Some have used steam. Some have used fire. But no other has succeeded in harnessing the power of the Aetherium.

This wonderous device represents the dawn of a new age of scientific discovery. Well in excess of twenty years have been applied to its design. Now you too can posses this amazing instrument in a mere few weeks with delivery via high speed dirigible. What parlor or bed chamber is complete without Dr. Kozlowski’s famous chronometer?

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Steampunk Lamp

Now that we’ve survived the holidays and things have slowed a bit, I might have a chance to blog a bit about some current and future projects.

Below is a steampunk lamp that I made as a Christmas gift for family. It uses a 19th century kerosene lamp base, a large vacuum tube illuminated by LEDs, and some tubular incandescent bulbs in a rather unusual configuration. The lamps are operated by a touch dimmer circuit, so that the lamp as a whole can be operated by touching any part of the brass base.

I really enjoy how it exudes energy and electric intensity.

Dave & Sarah's Lamp

Dave & Sarah's Lamp

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New Links Page

I added a links page to the site to share information about our favorite events and creative friends. I highly recommend checking these out.

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