Portals to Other Universes (Links)

Interesting places:
Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire: One of the longest running renaissance faires in Oregon. We have a booth here every year and always have a great time.
Oregon Country Fair: Much more than one of the largest juried craft fairs on the west coast, the Oregon Country Fair is a one-of a-kind event. You have to see to believe it, there are no word to describe it. We’ve had booth space here for the last two years, and hope to continue – if you have booth space to share, please let us know!

Our Creative Friends:

Coppermoonartisans: A cooperative adventure between Michelle McLaughlin and her friend Chardin in Ecuador. You can find Michelle selling her hair adornments and Chardin’s copper artwork at the Saturday Market in Eugene, Oregon.
Yodamoon: Spring’s bloomers are practically required wear for the Oregon Country Faire, she also makes other comfy clothes and sells them at the Eugene Saturday Market.
Sarah Gahagan: Michele’s sister-in-law. Sarah is an amazing artist who does costume design for theatre, makes amazing handmade art puppets, and has collaborated with others to produce some incredible stop-motion puppet films.
Alchemystical Workshop: Featuring the work of Maeve Callahan and others, Alchemystical workshop brings together art dolls, clothing, fantasy wear, and home decor. They have an Etsy store in progress.

Invisible Alchemy Kombucha: Find it in your local natural foods store in the Portland, Oregon area. An incredibly delightful brew concotected by our friend Balam McNally.