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Hardwick Housewares Leather Store Now Open!

After more than two years, the Etsy store is open again! Please check out Inventory will be limited for some time. Thanks for your patience.

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Leather Update

I finally have the leather workshop close to completion. I formed a few jacks the other day. While not as masterful in execution as I would have liked, it was good to be back in the saddle.   More to come. Stay tuned.

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Bar-top lamps for a new gastropub

I recently had the honor and priveledge of creating 14 custom fixtures for a new restaurant in Wisconsin. It looks like they are in good company among the amazing chandeliers and sconces chosen for the project. The design is based on my original Captain’s Cabin Lamp with customizations to facilitate installation in a commercial setting. Not [...]

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Michele’s Blog has Spun Off

I’ve created a new blog specifically for my metalwork and copper. Chris’ blog will remain here for his leatherwork and steampunk lamps. You can view my blog at

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About them lamps…

I’ve recently received some rather venemous feedback on the Steampunk lamps. It seems that there has been an assumption about the source of the lamp parts. To set the record straight, I too appreciate the craftsmanship and historical significance of antique goods. I would sooner eat a fine Bradley and Hubbard center-draft lamp than destroy it for art. [...]

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Second Sun-thickened Oil Project

Sun-thickened linseed oil has been one of the staples used in traditional varnish making for a millennium or more. It takes patience and vigilance, and normally up to three months depending a latitude.  At my latitude the process can effectively only be performed in the dryer summer months. As part of my ongoing period varnish [...]

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Aether Concentrating Chronometer

Dr. Emiel Kozlowski’s famous Aether Concentrating Luminous Chronometer Behold the wonder of modern science that harnesses the power of the universe. Dr. Kozlowski’s patented Luminous Chronometer is the first and only device capable of collecting and concentrating the particles of Luminiferous Aether for use as a source of locomotion. Some have used steam. Some have [...]

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Steampunk Lamp

Now that we’ve survived the holidays and things have slowed a bit, I might have a chance to blog a bit about some current and future projects. Below is a steampunk lamp that I made as a Christmas gift for family. It uses a 19th century kerosene lamp base, a large vacuum tube illuminated by [...]

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New Links Page

I added a links page to the site to share information about our favorite events and creative friends. I highly recommend checking these out.

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Welcome to Hardwick Housewares

Our new website promises to be much nicer than the last one, which was never quite finished. Please visit often as Chris and I share information about our latest projects. “Hardwick Housewares” is an artistic partnership between Chris Hardwick and Michele Lukowski. We have been together since 2003, working in metal and leather to create [...]

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